At Southgate, we want to make any visit to our clinic a pleasant one for you and your pet. We want to create positive experiences with each pet to make every stay as stress-free as possible.


Depending on the treatment or procedure you pet is receiving, there are three locations where your pet may be kenneled.

Main Treatment Area: Our most utilized location, this spot for social pets, short visits, or observation post-surgery. Here your pet will be easily accessible throughout the day and will receive the most socialization with our staff.

Isolation Ward: This is a smaller, separated room still in the main treatment area. While still easily accessible, this room is used for patients with extreme illnesses or diseases. After each use, this room is deep cleaned and disinfected in order to ensure a sterile environment.

Dog Ward: Equipped with larger kennels, this room is where we can bring any dogs or cats that are non-social or too large to be kept in the smaller treatment area kennels. If a pet is very vocal, they are sometimes housed in this room to lower their stimulation, help ease their anxiety, and prevent other pets from also becoming nervous due to loud barking or crying.

Whichever room they stay in, we guarantee that your pet will be checked on routinely throughout the day. Typically, each kennel will be furnished with a cushioned mat, a blanket, potty pads if needed, and any pet that gets too cold will be given a temperature-controlled warming mat. If your pet is here for surgery or an overnight stay, we are happy to furnish their kennel with their own blankets brought from home to maximize their comfort during their visit. Privacy screens will be used on the kennel doors of nervous or scared pets. These screens are made of a breathable nylon that will dim the light in the kennel to make the pet feel safe. We also utilize Feliway and Adaptil diffusers in our clinic. These non-toxic pheromone sprays are kept in the lobby and treatment area, and aid in the relaxation of your pet.

Declawed cats

Cats who stay overnight for declaw procedures will be provided with a litter box, toys to play with, as well as food and water in the evening and morning. If the patient is more social, they will be held, cuddled, and adored by all staff. Cats that do not enjoy attention will be checked on frequently, but otherwise, be adored from afar. You may bring your cat’s own food, toys, or favorite blanket for their three-day stay.

Dogs post-surgery

Once recovered from surgery, your dog will be brought on potty walks throughout the day. If any of the dogs become too stressed we may call to see if an earlier pickup time is possible. If not, any dogs that are too scared or overstimulated will be kept in the Dog Ward out of the treatment area to give them some privacy and a quiet place to rest until they leave.

In Closing

If you have any questions or special requests for your pet, please ask your technician. We want each pet to enjoy their stay at Southgate and we want to work with you as much as possible to keep each pet happy and healthy!