What is AAHA ?

The AAHA standards are the metric to which we constantly measure the worth of our hospital. We voluntarily choose to be AAHA accredited because it is the model by which we want to be recognized, defining our brand and our character. We want your pets’ caregivers to be held to the highest possible standards in veterinary care. Pets do not choose their veterinary hospital, pet parents do. AAHA is their voice. Accreditation indicates that we are serious, unwavering, and a dedicated part of a team larger than ourselves. A team of 15% of veterinary hospitals throughout the United States and Canada that hope to someday raise the bar for all veterinary practices by making AAHA Standards a state and province-wide requirement. Our goal is for pet parents to demand nothing less from their pets’ healthcare providers because we expect nothing less from ourselves and for our patients and their families. Accreditation is not about standing out; it is about standing up for the care and safety of pets as well as upholding our own moral and ethical character in our community. We get an evaluation every 3 years.